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inlands_a_and_s's Journal

Inlands Arts and Sciences
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Showcasing the varied arts and sciences of the Inlands region of the Kingdom of AnTir, SCA.
Inlands residents are encouraged to display photographs of work done in the Arts and Sciences.
Please share your work, because we are a geographically large area, we don't often get to see what is being accomplished in other branches.
Photos of artists performing arts as well as visual arts are requested and photos of group projects and works in progress. Promoting Arts and Sciences Competitions, displays, and upcoming classes here are also good ideas.
People just starting out and intermediates as well as experts are more than welcome.
SCA from other areas are welcome, although we are emphasizing the Inlands region of AnTir.
We like questions and comments however this is NOT the place for unasked for criticism.
If a critique is requested it is expected the answer is given helpfully and with courtesy.