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The 10th Century Rus (Byzantine Inspired) ensamble
norsemans_honey wrote in inlands_a_and_s

Here is the sketch of the new outfit

I pulled out this fabric  - it had been waiting in the closet for about 6 years ;-)

For the Collar (Ozherlya) I had to find a color that didn't make me look sick
and that went well with the Olive and Gold

Considered - Brown, Light Blue, Red (no), Purple...
PLUM :-)

Shopped on-line for a week - looking for a plum that matched my beehive trim

I wanted a piece of fabric that was plum with large repeating geometrics in gold
Alas - not to be found
settled for a piece of plain plum cotton

I also shopped on-line for gold boullion(sp?) applique
found the perfect pieces and ordered them - from India ;-)
(would they get here in time?)

started the collar on Memorial Day Weekend

Work on the collar continues

and the linen underdress is started

I cut this out - hemmed every raw edge (by hand) and then sewed it all together with a herringbone lacing stitch
I left the lower arms unfinished so that I could add the decorated cuffs later

here is my gathering of fabrics for making the main dress

Shopped on-line (A LOT) looking for pieces to make my headdress
that would look sort of like this

here is the kolt

I found some stuff that sort of worked
well - kind of met the need

and after a bunch of work putting the hanging pieces together

I sat down one Saturday to make the headdress

here it is

here it is with the collar too

Oh - and the beginnings of the necklace too

Also I have cut the dress and hemmed all the raw edges
I am beginning to add the decoration in this photo
( this is starting to remind me of illuminating scrolls :-)

Finished the trim on Fourth of July

and finished sewing the dress together

I made plum tape(not bias) to finish the edges - sewed them on at the tops of the front and back pieces
and then sewed the back and front of the dress together - (again with the herringbone stitch)

I also bought some olive colored bias tape for under the arms and down the sides

finally added the underdress cuffs

It is complete enough to wear for the Peican Ceremony :-)

but still not finished...

1) I purchased a piece of garment leather and I need to line the collar so that all the stitching is protected.

2) I learned late in the game that the Rus made seperate highly decorated cuffs - and I now understand why. The decorations catch on everything and should be the last thing you put on - like putting on a bracelet. I need to remove the cuffs from the undergarment and make them separately.

3) I need to line the inside of the dress where the decoration is to protect the stitching.

I'm pretty happy :-)
I got close to the original sketch.
the main difference being - that I decided to only put one length of decoration down the front (rather than the two I had first imagined)



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I enjoyed your "play-by-play" description, and would love to see this beautiful gown in person. How did you make the headress?

Making the Headdress (Kokoshnik)
with hanging pieces (Ryasna)

I started with a small used leather belt
cut it to fit and wrapped it all in a piece of fabric that I had cut (like regular clothing binding hand stitched on)

I stitched on a roll of cloth (sort of similar to felt) covered with more fabric

The rest of the band was just simple work
I have another image of this plain beaded band somewhere

The hanging bits were made from a petite concho belt and some coins shaped pieces that I found on etsy

not really very close to the gold ones that are period but has a similar effect


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