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Berengaria's Whimsy
busy_b wrote in inlands_a_and_s
At last night's Wastekeep/Vulkanfeldt fight practice and Arts & Sciences gathering, I decided to host an A&S competition, Berengaria's whimsy.  As it was my last gathering as the Vulkanfeldt baronial officer, I decided to have some fun.  The rules were simple: the item you entered had to be entered by you, no documentation required and the judging would be presided over by moi.  The prize was a basket full of my favorite things (see picture below). 

We had three entrants, and the items were lovely!

Baron Shannon O'Duncan entered a seam embellished and lined Norse style coat and a seam embellished linen tunic.

Baroness Regina (uwchem ) entered some of her (amazing!) wood carving.  The piece on the bottom is a game board...can't wait to see it finished! 

Mistress Marcia entered (and won the competition) with her stainglass jewelry box lined with sheepskin; wood block carving and cuttlefish bone casting.

The prize: 1 yard linen, 4 skeins linen thread, embellished jewelry box, amber chips, scented candle, molasses cookies, yogurt covered pretzels, sugar free chocolates, peppermint tea and flavored hot cocoa and some Fireball Whisky and Coconut Rum.

Thanks to everyone for coming out - what a great way to end a great term! Early evening sunshine, good friends, fun with furry friends and sweet treats!

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Thanks for posting this Berengaria. Sad you are leaving the office though.

I'm sad too; but I know once classes start I won't be able to give the office the time that it deserves. I'm working on my last report and will get it to you soonish. :)

I know, life happens.
But I appreciate the work you put in on your office. Don't stress about the report, there's still plenty of time.

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