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Coronation/12th Night Coming Soon!
This year’s 12th Night event will not only usher in a new King, but will
celebrate the 30th anniversary of An Tir’s founding elevation to kingdom! The Canton of
Silverhart and the Barony of Wealdsmere invites artisans across the
kingdom to bring their best work to submit in the Arts and Sciences
competitions! We will have one competition that will require written
documentation and another that will be populace choice.

In honor of both celebrations, the Canton of Silverhart and the Barony of
Wealdsmere is also hosting two Arts and Sciences displays. The first
display is An Tir’s Annual 12th Night Arts and Sciences Display. We
invite everyone to show the King and Kingdom what you can do.

The second display is an "An Tir’s History" Display. Bring your pieces of
An Tir history such as early regalia, first scrolls, first sets of
armor, and other memorabilia - carpet armor, Crayola scrolls, terrycloth
apron dresses, and all! We’re also looking for people’s early Arts and
Science efforts, especially if entered with more recent and advanced
efforts. Show everyone the progress you’ve made!

Come join us in seeing how great our kingdom is!


Richenda du Jardin

Barony of Wealdsmere Toys for Tots Tourney II
The previous post was of the A&S Competitions. These pictures are from some of the A&S Activities I observed.

I don't know who won this match between His Grace Gunnar and His Excellency Caith, but it must have been an enjoyable game as focused as they are.

Evidence that the gaming table was popular.

Dancing was also popular, I see Baron Lars and Baroness Kara ready to begin. This photo makes me realize how nice the reconstruction of the hall makes it look.

Her Ladyship Richinda handsewing a garment.

Barony of Wealdsmere Toys for Tots Tourney
Here are some of the Arts and Sciences Activities at the Toys for Tots Tourney of 10/15/11

First, the various A&S competition entries:

These were the entries to the wine competition.

The Populace Choice foods. This picture was taken after many of the cookies had been sampled.

This lovely scroll was entered in the A&S Competition by Baroness Kara.

A sturdy wooden chest entered in the A&S Competition by Sir Guy.

Nalbound hat and cowl as an A&S entry. (I apologize, but I did not write down the Lady's name who crafted these, can anyone help me out?)

Lampwork beads by Teagan
Teagan McKie of the Shire of Dregate gifted me with these lovely beads she made, nd I think her work deserves a wide audience.

Wordsmithing - the Pelican Scroll
Countess Inga will be creating  a Russian Scroll for me and I am working on text for it
that will be translated into Russian (old Church Slavonic)

I"ve been playing around with the wordsmithing and this is my first draft
I love it, but there are so many words that it seems unkind to ask a scribe to write them all
and so this may not be the final text decided upon for the scroll

thought to post it to the Inlands A&S site anyway


This was written by using bits and pieces from the "Towards a more Period Text" by Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada

By tradition in Our Land, the companions of Our most noble Order of the Pelican treat with Us, by testimony as regards tireless loyalty, and impassioned yet gentile service to Our Kingdom, to recognize at Our pleasure, those whom they wish to embrace as a new-found Peer of their Order. We, Skeggi the Second, Basileus of An Tir, Mighty Black Lion Sovereign, Defender of the sacred dream, and in Avacal, Summits and Tir Righ, Supreme Monarch and likewise, Taisiia the second, Basilissa of An Tir, Sable Lioness of unequaled grace and consummate inspiration
of the Realm, having heard and weighed well such testament and tribute, in the fields of Our Shire of Midhaven, the day after the Ides of July, in the thirtieth year of the reign of An Tirian Kings, and in the hour preceding the Coronation of Our Heirs, as is Our right, Our duty and indeed Our pleasure do herewith grant, provide and decree that Bronwen Elgars shall with all august ceremony and due deference, be raised to the estate, title and position of Peer of the Realm and that she further be inducted and forever counted amongst the right worthy and well beloved companions of the Order of the Pelican and that she shall have the same advantage, distinction, power and excellence by the glory of which
that most illustrious order is adorned, thus by Our Royal will, to all whom these letters shall come, do We witness Ourselves and sign by the golden seal of Our Majesty at Our summer encampment, on this sixteenth day of July, the forty-sixth anno societatis.

The 10th Century Rus (Byzantine Inspired) ensamble

Here is the sketch of the new outfit

I pulled out this fabric  - it had been waiting in the closet for about 6 years ;-)

For the Collar (Ozherlya) I had to find a color that didn't make me look sick
and that went well with the Olive and Gold

Considered - Brown, Light Blue, Red (no), Purple...
PLUM :-)

Shopped on-line for a week - looking for a plum that matched my beehive trim

I wanted a piece of fabric that was plum with large repeating geometrics in gold
Alas - not to be found
settled for a piece of plain plum cotton

I also shopped on-line for gold boullion(sp?) applique
found the perfect pieces and ordered them - from India ;-)
(would they get here in time?)

started the collar on Memorial Day Weekend

Work on the collar continues

and the linen underdress is started

I cut this out - hemmed every raw edge (by hand) and then sewed it all together with a herringbone lacing stitch
I left the lower arms unfinished so that I could add the decorated cuffs later

here is my gathering of fabrics for making the main dress

Shopped on-line (A LOT) looking for pieces to make my headdress
that would look sort of like this

here is the kolt

I found some stuff that sort of worked
well - kind of met the need

and after a bunch of work putting the hanging pieces together

I sat down one Saturday to make the headdress

here it is

here it is with the collar too

Oh - and the beginnings of the necklace too

Also I have cut the dress and hemmed all the raw edges
I am beginning to add the decoration in this photo
( this is starting to remind me of illuminating scrolls :-)

Finished the trim on Fourth of July

and finished sewing the dress together

I made plum tape(not bias) to finish the edges - sewed them on at the tops of the front and back pieces
and then sewed the back and front of the dress together - (again with the herringbone stitch)

I also bought some olive colored bias tape for under the arms and down the sides

finally added the underdress cuffs

It is complete enough to wear for the Peican Ceremony :-)

but still not finished...

1) I purchased a piece of garment leather and I need to line the collar so that all the stitching is protected.

2) I learned late in the game that the Rus made seperate highly decorated cuffs - and I now understand why. The decorations catch on everything and should be the last thing you put on - like putting on a bracelet. I need to remove the cuffs from the undergarment and make them separately.

3) I need to line the inside of the dress where the decoration is to protect the stitching.

I'm pretty happy :-)
I got close to the original sketch.
the main difference being - that I decided to only put one length of decoration down the front (rather than the two I had first imagined)



Medieval Seran Wrap
I have been experimenting with the late-period maiolica technique on small apothecary jars, which are intended for use as spices containers or something similar.

The bark corks we are used to were not used in the Medieval period. To cover jars either a wood carved cork wrapped in wax linen thread was used, or what I have done here.

Linen is dipped in melted bees wax and immediately removed. The Linen is slightly less flexible when waxed and holds its shape when pressed over the top of jars. There are whole spices in some of the jars, to test I shook them upside down, but the linen didn't move. I filled one with water and with the linen covering the jar I also shook it upside down and where the linen came down far enough it didn't loose any water. It's quite waterproof.

The beeswaxed linen is also re-useable, it can come off one jar and will fit over another jar. Really, this is better than Seran wrap or aluminum foil for covering dishes.

These jars will be given as largess.

More Largess pictures
When Their Majesties request donations of largess the College of Lyonsmarche has always stepped up to answer the call.
For TRMs largess for AnTir/West War, the following was sent:

Lovely strands of lampworked beads by Lady Arengaldra, made especially for this call. The card attached has her information. This is a professional touch and meets TRMs request that the work be labeled with the maker's name and contact information.

Sable brushes with bamboo handles. The rolled canvas is what I use to ship them so the bristles won't be roughed up during transport. The sable pelt was donated by Her Majesty Taisiia.

A selection of Medieval Pottery. I always include the dates in which the original pots were made and the information that the glazes I use were formulated to be safe for food and drink.

Berengaria's Whimsy
At last night's Wastekeep/Vulkanfeldt fight practice and Arts & Sciences gathering, I decided to host an A&S competition, Berengaria's whimsy.  As it was my last gathering as the Vulkanfeldt baronial officer, I decided to have some fun.  The rules were simple: the item you entered had to be entered by you, no documentation required and the judging would be presided over by moi.  The prize was a basket full of my favorite things (see picture below). 

We had three entrants, and the items were lovely!

Baron Shannon O'Duncan entered a seam embellished and lined Norse style coat and a seam embellished linen tunic.

Baroness Regina (uwchem ) entered some of her (amazing!) wood carving.  The piece on the bottom is a game board...can't wait to see it finished! 

Mistress Marcia entered (and won the competition) with her stainglass jewelry box lined with sheepskin; wood block carving and cuttlefish bone casting.

The prize: 1 yard linen, 4 skeins linen thread, embellished jewelry box, amber chips, scented candle, molasses cookies, yogurt covered pretzels, sugar free chocolates, peppermint tea and flavored hot cocoa and some Fireball Whisky and Coconut Rum.

Thanks to everyone for coming out - what a great way to end a great term! Early evening sunshine, good friends, fun with furry friends and sweet treats!

Culinary Symposium

A picture of the lovely Julilla Sempronia cooking over coals at the AnTir Culinary Symposium this past April. The class she taught was very well received too.