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Coronation/12th Night Coming Soon!
sue_n_julia wrote in inlands_a_and_s
This year’s 12th Night event will not only usher in a new King, but will
celebrate the 30th anniversary of An Tir’s founding elevation to kingdom! The Canton of
Silverhart and the Barony of Wealdsmere invites artisans across the
kingdom to bring their best work to submit in the Arts and Sciences
competitions! We will have one competition that will require written
documentation and another that will be populace choice.

In honor of both celebrations, the Canton of Silverhart and the Barony of
Wealdsmere is also hosting two Arts and Sciences displays. The first
display is An Tir’s Annual 12th Night Arts and Sciences Display. We
invite everyone to show the King and Kingdom what you can do.

The second display is an "An Tir’s History" Display. Bring your pieces of
An Tir history such as early regalia, first scrolls, first sets of
armor, and other memorabilia - carpet armor, Crayola scrolls, terrycloth
apron dresses, and all! We’re also looking for people’s early Arts and
Science efforts, especially if entered with more recent and advanced
efforts. Show everyone the progress you’ve made!

Come join us in seeing how great our kingdom is!

Richenda du Jardin


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