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Wordsmithing - the Pelican Scroll
norsemans_honey wrote in inlands_a_and_s
Countess Inga will be creating  a Russian Scroll for me and I am working on text for it
that will be translated into Russian (old Church Slavonic)

I"ve been playing around with the wordsmithing and this is my first draft
I love it, but there are so many words that it seems unkind to ask a scribe to write them all
and so this may not be the final text decided upon for the scroll

thought to post it to the Inlands A&S site anyway


This was written by using bits and pieces from the "Towards a more Period Text" by Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada

By tradition in Our Land, the companions of Our most noble Order of the Pelican treat with Us, by testimony as regards tireless loyalty, and impassioned yet gentile service to Our Kingdom, to recognize at Our pleasure, those whom they wish to embrace as a new-found Peer of their Order. We, Skeggi the Second, Basileus of An Tir, Mighty Black Lion Sovereign, Defender of the sacred dream, and in Avacal, Summits and Tir Righ, Supreme Monarch and likewise, Taisiia the second, Basilissa of An Tir, Sable Lioness of unequaled grace and consummate inspiration
of the Realm, having heard and weighed well such testament and tribute, in the fields of Our Shire of Midhaven, the day after the Ides of July, in the thirtieth year of the reign of An Tirian Kings, and in the hour preceding the Coronation of Our Heirs, as is Our right, Our duty and indeed Our pleasure do herewith grant, provide and decree that Bronwen Elgars shall with all august ceremony and due deference, be raised to the estate, title and position of Peer of the Realm and that she further be inducted and forever counted amongst the right worthy and well beloved companions of the Order of the Pelican and that she shall have the same advantage, distinction, power and excellence by the glory of which
that most illustrious order is adorned, thus by Our Royal will, to all whom these letters shall come, do We witness Ourselves and sign by the golden seal of Our Majesty at Our summer encampment, on this sixteenth day of July, the forty-sixth anno societatis.


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