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The 10th Century Rus (Byzantine Inspired) ensamble
norsemans_honey wrote in inlands_a_and_s

Here is the sketch of the new outfit

I pulled out this fabric  - it had been waiting in the closet for about 6 years ;-)

For the Collar (Ozherlya) I had to find a color that didn't make me look sick
and that went well with the Olive and Gold

Considered - Brown, Light Blue, Red (no), Purple...
PLUM :-)

Shopped on-line for a week - looking for a plum that matched my beehive trim

I wanted a piece of fabric that was plum with large repeating geometrics in gold
Alas - not to be found
settled for a piece of plain plum cotton

I also shopped on-line for gold boullion(sp?) applique
found the perfect pieces and ordered them - from India ;-)
(would they get here in time?)

started the collar on Memorial Day Weekend

Work on the collar continues

and the linen underdress is started

I cut this out - hemmed every raw edge (by hand) and then sewed it all together with a herringbone lacing stitch
I left the lower arms unfinished so that I could add the decorated cuffs later

here is my gathering of fabrics for making the main dress

Shopped on-line (A LOT) looking for pieces to make my headdress
that would look sort of like this

here is the kolt

I found some stuff that sort of worked
well - kind of met the need

and after a bunch of work putting the hanging pieces together

I sat down one Saturday to make the headdress

here it is

here it is with the collar too

Oh - and the beginnings of the necklace too

Also I have cut the dress and hemmed all the raw edges
I am beginning to add the decoration in this photo
( this is starting to remind me of illuminating scrolls :-)

Finished the trim on Fourth of July

and finished sewing the dress together

I made plum tape(not bias) to finish the edges - sewed them on at the tops of the front and back pieces
and then sewed the back and front of the dress together - (again with the herringbone stitch)

I also bought some olive colored bias tape for under the arms and down the sides

finally added the underdress cuffs

It is complete enough to wear for the Peican Ceremony :-)

but still not finished...

1) I purchased a piece of garment leather and I need to line the collar so that all the stitching is protected.

2) I learned late in the game that the Rus made seperate highly decorated cuffs - and I now understand why. The decorations catch on everything and should be the last thing you put on - like putting on a bracelet. I need to remove the cuffs from the undergarment and make them separately.

3) I need to line the inside of the dress where the decoration is to protect the stitching.

I'm pretty happy :-)
I got close to the original sketch.
the main difference being - that I decided to only put one length of decoration down the front (rather than the two I had first imagined)



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Your garb looked great. Thanks for posting some of the construction details.
And that is a wonderful picture of you.

I enjoyed your "play-by-play" description, and would love to see this beautiful gown in person. How did you make the headress?

Making the Headdress (Kokoshnik)
with hanging pieces (Ryasna)

I started with a small used leather belt
cut it to fit and wrapped it all in a piece of fabric that I had cut (like regular clothing binding hand stitched on)

I stitched on a roll of cloth (sort of similar to felt) covered with more fabric

The rest of the band was just simple work
I have another image of this plain beaded band somewhere

The hanging bits were made from a petite concho belt and some coins shaped pieces that I found on etsy

not really very close to the gold ones that are period but has a similar effect


Your fabulous garb won the populace choice at 12th night! Unfortunately, because of the last minute schedule change, we weren't able to announce it and present your prize. Please e-mail me at so I can tell you about the prize. And thank you again for the special " tour"!

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