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Medieval Seran Wrap
copper_oxide wrote in inlands_a_and_s
I have been experimenting with the late-period maiolica technique on small apothecary jars, which are intended for use as spices containers or something similar.

The bark corks we are used to were not used in the Medieval period. To cover jars either a wood carved cork wrapped in wax linen thread was used, or what I have done here.

Linen is dipped in melted bees wax and immediately removed. The Linen is slightly less flexible when waxed and holds its shape when pressed over the top of jars. There are whole spices in some of the jars, to test I shook them upside down, but the linen didn't move. I filled one with water and with the linen covering the jar I also shook it upside down and where the linen came down far enough it didn't loose any water. It's quite waterproof.

The beeswaxed linen is also re-useable, it can come off one jar and will fit over another jar. Really, this is better than Seran wrap or aluminum foil for covering dishes.

These jars will be given as largess.

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You learn something new everyday!

How clever!

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