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More Largess pictures
copper_oxide wrote in inlands_a_and_s
When Their Majesties request donations of largess the College of Lyonsmarche has always stepped up to answer the call.
For TRMs largess for AnTir/West War, the following was sent:

Lovely strands of lampworked beads by Lady Arengaldra, made especially for this call. The card attached has her information. This is a professional touch and meets TRMs request that the work be labeled with the maker's name and contact information.

Sable brushes with bamboo handles. The rolled canvas is what I use to ship them so the bristles won't be roughed up during transport. The sable pelt was donated by Her Majesty Taisiia.

A selection of Medieval Pottery. I always include the dates in which the original pots were made and the information that the glazes I use were formulated to be safe for food and drink.


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